Auckland Bible Church, New Zealand

Welcome to Auckland Bible Church

A very warm welcome.

We hope you feel like you have reached a new and welcoming place; to meet like minded people, and to grow your relationship with God. We are passionate about the Bible and believe that it is full of relevant and practical advice that can help shape our lives. We pray that you like what you see.

We are about to start a new sermon series on the book of Daniel.  Babylon was not content to conquer the Israelites; they wanted to assimilate them. Babylon didn’t mind if the Israelites worshiped their own god in private, but in public they had to be no different than the prevailing culture. Christians today face a similar challenge when their faith is not welcomed in the public square.

There are a number of lessons we can learn from Daniel about how to thrive in a fast-changing and godless society. Daniel faced fears about his future and was discouraged regularly. Yet with the power of hope; humility; and wisdom he prospered.

Come along and be encouraged.

Tim Collins, Pastor