Auckland Bible Church, New Zealand

Welcome to Auckland Bible Church

Do you ever feel like things are changing too fast?  Do you ever wish you had a greater sense of stability in your life? When we look to every other religion in the world, they can be summarised as a “philosophy on how to live.” The founder of that religion “passes on the philosophy they have discovered” with things to do to help us cope.

Christianity is different.  Christianity is about a person, Jesus, who says I want to have a personal relationship with you.  Christianity says rather than us looking up to find God; God came down to us to find us.  Colossians is about God finding us through Jesus, and what that means for us daily.  At work, at home, and at play; as we are anchored in a relationship.  

This new sermon series starts Sunday 7th February and we would like to warmly welcome you to visit a Sunday sometime soon.  We hope you will find a new home; a place to meet like minded people, and to grow your relationship with God. We are passionate about the Bible and believe that it is full of relevant and practical advice that can help shape our lives.

See you soon.

Tim Collins, Pastor