Auckland Bible Church, New Zealand

Welcome to Auckland Bible Church

A very warm welcome.

We hope you feel like you have reached a new and welcoming place; to meet like minded people, and to grow your relationship with God. We are passionate about the Bible and believe that it is full of relevant and practical advice that can help shape our lives. We pray that you like what you see here.

The letter of Galatians is like a “bomb”. It is packed full of dynamite. It has literally changed the history of Western Civilisation. The point of the letter is “ you think you know the gospel, and you don’t”. We are going to explode these 6 chapters into our lives in the next few months at Auckland Bible Church.  We desire for a bomb of joy and freedom to explode within us – and to break through the barriers of unbelief and guilt and fear that keep us clinging to “religion”. We are going to lose our “religion”.

Come and join us for this wonderful series starting February 2nd.

Tim Collins, Pastor