Auckland Bible Church, New Zealand

Welcome to Auckland Bible Church

A very warm welcome.

We hope you feel like you have reached a new and welcoming place; to meet like minded people, and to grow your relationship with God. We are passionate about the Bible and believe that it is full of relevant and practical advice that can help shape our lives. We pray that you like what you see here.

We have an insightful new series of messages starting Sunday 7th September based on the  life of Abraham.  What we learn from him is that it is much easier to believe in God than to trust in God. God calls Abraham to live a life of faith, but Abraham struggles. He asks God how he knows that he can trust God. God responds with a demonstration that is one of the clearest pointers to the Gospel in the Old Testament.

Through Abraham we see how God's personal call graciously challenges every aspect of our existence, by giving us entirely new lives with a radical new purpose. This series is for all of us who simply want to grow our faith in God, and his promises, for our day to day living.

Come along.  We would love to see you.

Tim Collins, Pastor