Auckland Bible Church, New Zealand

Welcome to Auckland Bible Church

A very warm welcome.

We hope you feel like you have reached a new and welcoming place; to meet like minded people, and to grow your relationship with God. We are passionate about the Bible and believe that it is full of relevant and practical advice that can help shape our lives. We pray that you like what you see here.

We have a new sermon series starting in February that we would love to share with you. James (the brother of Jesus), probably more than any other New Testament letter, addresses the practical ramifications of believing in Jesus.  He essentially claims that a person cannot be a true believer if their faith has not stirred them to obedient action.  Throughout his letter, he paints a picture of what the “Christian in Action” looks like.

Come along.  We would love to see you and hope to give you words and worship to feed your relationship with God.

Tim Collins, Pastor